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Blue Kiss (English Version)

Blue Kiss (English Version)

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From ‘parallel lines’ to ‘best friends,’ but there was ‘more than friends’ added to it!


Blue Kiss (English Version)

นักเขียน : Hideko_Sunshine

นักแปล : Prwlaila

จำนวนหน้า : 288 หน้า

วางจำหน่าย : 31 ก.ค. 2019


Blue Kiss (English Version) 
Kao’s first merry step in the university stumbled when the new bond of friendship unexpectedly threw him into the same gang with Pete, a rich, handsome guy who was his high school friend. It would’ve been fine if they’d been normal friends, but Pete had once targeted him! Even though Pete had broken his old habit of getting into fights from high school, their resentment towards each other never changed. Their friends had to go to the trouble to strengthen their relationship by pairing them up for a school assignment. 
Until, one day, the walls between them had broken down. And Pete and Kao found that they got along better than they’d expected. But their newfound relationship was threatened to be ruined when Fongbeer, a BA student, had gotten in the way of their ‘friendship.’ It made Pete try to pick fights with Kao every day like before.What should a best friend (who wanted to be more than just a friend) like Kao do in this situation? 
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